Can Real Estate Investing Happen If You Have No Money?

Let’s cut to the chase: having no money or very little of it will make real estate investing rather tedious. However, it’s not impossible: your best bet is to use the money of other people to your advantage. In this blog, we will explore the best way to go about that.

Real Estate Investment

Many people see investing in real estate as a way to earn a solid passive income. However, having little to no money will make that nearly impossible. In order for this investment to pay off and be reliably consistent, you should look into solutions like taking out hard money loans to help things along.
Real estate’s liquidity is limited compared to that of other investments. That’s why money is necessary when real estate is being financed through conventional loans and a down payment is in order. Using the money of a hard money lender brings more than just financial help to get things going. It also shows people in the real estate investing business that you are authentic. No matter what real estate investment is in question, profitability is connected to cash flow. That’s because a certain amount of capital is in order.
Read on for the best methods to go about real estate investing with little to no money.

Hard Money Loans

One great way to fund real estate investments is through hard money lending. There are far less requirements involved compared to corporate methods. That means getting the funding will be much quicker. You might be looking into making an investment that’s quite risky; usually, banks and similar entities tend to shy away from those. When it comes to hard money loans, it is private individuals or groups who supply the money for it. It means that riskier projects are more likely to be funded by hard money lenders.
Unlike conventional loans, hard money loans have rather short timeframes. The standard is a year (12 months) at most. Since the risk tends to be higher, the interest rates follow as well. Moreover, the borrower still has to cover property purchase costs, such as:
  • Application fees
  • Appraisal fees
  • Closing costs


For the most part, microloans are used by businesses that are new or just starting. The funds released are on the lower end of the cost spectrum. It becomes beneficial in that the qualification requirements like the credit score are far less strict.

Take on a Lease

If you have no money to invest in real estate, you can take on a lease instead. In that case, the borrower will be charged a premium on a monthly or yearly basis. This is achieved by the property owner through rental payments that are higher. Rental fees in excess then go towards the price of purchase overall.


Investing in real estate has become a popular way for people to gain passive income. Someone that is looking into doing so with little to no money will need to get financial help. The best methods to go about this include hard money loans, microloans, and leasing.
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